Marjorie Taylor Greene, QAnon Supporter and Purveyor of Racism, Wins Georgia GOP Nomination

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White America is clearly intent on putting its worst foot forward. We already have to deal with folks like Tom Cotton, Matt Gaetz, and, obviously, the president himself, but apparently this wasn’t enough trash for the folks in Georgia’s 14th Congressional district as the GOP nomination went to a QAanon supporter and blatant racist.


Marjorie Taylor Greene defeated neurosurgeon John Cowan in Tuesday’s runoff election, according to the Associated Press. Her victory in the deeply red district comes despite multiple GOP officials denouncing racist comments Greene has made across multiple videos. “So the Republican establishment was against me. The DC swamp has been against me. And the lying fake news media hates my guts,” Greene said in a victory speech posted on social media. “Yep, it’s a badge of honor.” She posted another victory tweet Tuesday evening showing a campaign party where folks weren’t wearing masks or maintaining any kind of social distancing.

Greene has amassed thousands of followers on social media where she frequently posts videos of her saying totally normal things like the government is currently being taken over by an “Islamic invasion.” After placing first in June’s primary, multiple videos of Greene being casually racist came to light. In them, she made comments saying that Black and Hispanic men are being held back due to “gangs and dealing drugs,” and pushed a conspiracy theory that billionaire philanthropist and Jewish man George Soros collaborated with the Nazis. This led to Georgia Rep. Jody Hice rescinding her endorsement of Greene.

Speaking of conspiracy theories, Greene is also a supporter of the QAnon movement. For those unaware, QAnon is a series of far-right conspiracy theories concocted by people I can only assume have watched the Jason Bourne movies a few too many times. She’s pro-gun, pro-life, anti-immigration and is a staunch supporter of President Trump. Trump tweeted congratulations to Greene early Wednesday morning.

Greene will face Democrat Kevin Van Ausdal this coming November. Van Ausdal has been forthcoming about the challenges he faces in the traditionally conservative district. “Honestly the local Democratic money is not a lot,” he said in an interview on Tuesday. “We need donors to help get out the message and show people that there is an alternative, and a great alternative, to QAnon conspiracies and divisive rhetoric.”

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George Soros, born 1930, was 9 years old when WWII started. We are definitely post-facts here.