Marion Barry is peeved with Giant.
Marion Barry is peeved with Giant.

The Washington Post is reporting that D.C. Council member Marion Barry, well known for his annual turkey giveaway in Southeast Washington, had no Butterballs available for residents Tuesday morning after he failed to pay Giant food stores $26,000 for their delivery. In a news release, Barry said he had $17,000, falling short by $9,000, but promised Giant that the rest was coming: " … Giant insisted that the full $26 thousand dollars be received by the store on Monday and that without full payment, the Company would not delivery the birds to Barry," the release read. Barry wanted the turkeys in advance.


A compromise was struck to thaw and deliver the turkeys Wednesday at 9 a.m. at Union Temple Church. Still, Barry isn't in holiday bliss because of Giant's "intractability" on the issue, which he says was "heartless." It's a recession, so companies are tightening up. Luckily, people will be able to eat on Thanksgiving, and that is what matters most.

Read more at the Washington Post.

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