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Marion, Ark., Police Kill 16-Year-Old Aries Clark

Memphis Fox 13 via Facebook
Memphis Fox 13 via Facebook

The Arkansas State Police released the name of a teenager shot by police in front of a Marion, Ark., homeless shelter Tuesday. He was identified as 16-year-old Aries Clark, who died in a hospital shortly after being shot by Marion police officers.


According to KATV, Fox News and Fox 13 Memphis, the incident happfacebook

ened at the East Arkansas Youth Services building around 7:08 p.m. when police responded to a call from the emergency shelter. The facility director confirmed that Aries had previously received services from the facility, but said he wasn’t a current resident, although outlets report that Aries was considered a runaway.


Officials have not confirmed whether or not he was armed, but his cousin Chris Clark told reporters that “he held a BB gun in the air, and they just took him down on sight.” The police will not say why they were called to the shelter or what led them to open fire on a 16-year-old.

Madelyn Keith, executive director and CEO of the nonprofit home for delinquent and at-risk youths, said in a Facebook post that no one in the facility was harmed and that its managers and staff have cooperated with investigators, according to Fox News.

The Arkansas State Police, which will handle the investigation into the shooting, say that they will hand the results of their investigation over to state prosecutors. Prosecutors will take the findings and determine whether they will file charges against the two officers involved in the death, who are now on paid administrative leave.

While Aries’ name was announced to the public hours after he was pronounced dead, the names of the officers have not been released.


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This feels Tamir Rice-ish: tell him to drop gun, give him 0.0005 seconds to do it and then open fire.

Context matters. Was the 911 call that he was armed with a gun and acting violently, was everyone cowering and hiding, was he acting violently (did they even have enough time to assess that), etc.

It’s ‘curious’ that armed white people seem to come out of these situations alive a lot more often than PoC.

I assume they’ve already published a facebook post where he has saggy jeans or threw a gang sign to confirm that he deserved to die.