Marine General Gets Job, Uses N-Word, Loses Job in Just 3 Months

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A Marine general has been removed from his post after using the N-word during a training session.


NBC News reports Maj. Gen. Stephen M. Neary, the commanding general of the Marine Corps Forces in Europe and Africa, was relieved of his post on Monday as an investigation was launched into his use of the slur. In a statement, the force’s commandant, Gen. David H. Berger cited “a loss of trust and confidence in his ability to serve in command,” as to why he relieved Neary.

Over the summer, a group of marines was listening to some rap during a training session in Stuttgart when Neary approached them and commented on the music. According to officials, Neary used the N-word in reference to the music and didn’t direct it at anyone.

“He lost respect right there,” one Marine told Stars and Stripes, which initially broke the story. The Marine said that the group of Black, white and Latino Marines was all in shock when they heard Neary use the slur. After weeks of no action being taken, a group of Marines reported what Neary had said to Stars and Stripes.

Neary only assumed command in July, which, like, how are you gonna come into a workplace just start dropping N-bombs off jump? I’m not saying he should ever feel comfortable saying it, but he especially shouldn’t when you just got the job.

I can’t even think of a good, funny metaphor for this situation, it’s that fucking stupid.

White people, if you like having money in your pocket, just stop saying the N-word. Seriously, it’s that easy. You stay getting paid and don’t have to worry about catching hands. It’s literally a win-win. Please, for everyone’s sake, just stop.


Col. James T. Iulo has assumed Neary’s command and will hold the position until a permanent replacement is found. Neary has not yet issued a comment on the situation.

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