Maria Joseph's Dead Body Undetected in Public Pool for Days

Maria Joseph drowned, and her body went undetected for days. (Google)
Maria Joseph drowned, and her body went undetected for days. (Google)

Fresh from our "Bizarre news" file, authorities are reporting that the body of a woman who died in a Massachusetts public pool went undetected for days before she was found floating in the pool. Maria Joseph, 36, was discovered Tuesday evening by teenagers in the Vietnam Veterans Swimming Pool in Fall River, Mass. 

Joseph had gone to the pool with a 9-year-old neighbor and his family and collided with the boy when going down a slide. After the collision, the boy surfaced, but Joseph did not. It is not clear whether the boy and his family looked for Joseph before leaving the pool. The pool, which is 12 feet deep at its deepest point, was described as cloudy. It can take up to two days for a body to rise to the surface. Lifeguards for the pool, along with three health inspectors, have been placed on administrative leave.

You've heard the phrase, "With friends like that, who needs enemies?" Clearly this is the case with Joseph, whose neighbors appear to have left her there, possibly thinking they were going to be held responsible because of the collision. How do you go to a pool and leave without the person you came with and swam with?


Those in positions of authority failed to do their jobs. How exactly do you not see a dead black woman at the bottom of a pool and then floating on the top? Callousness and craziness. Joseph didn't stand a chance surrounded by these folks. A tragic and sad story indeed. 

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