Marchers Protesting Michael Brown Shooting Block Atlanta Highway

Protesters blocking the Atlanta Downtown Connector 

Protesters obstructed traffic along Atlanta’s Downtown Connector—a section of Interstate Highways 75 and 85—Wednesday evening in support for Michael Brown as the black community continues to demand answers in the Aug. 9 shooting of the unarmed black teen by a white Ferguson police officer, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.

Atlanta police spokesman Officer John Chafee told the news site that the protesters blocked traffic for a short time but no arrests were made in response to the protest.


According to the news site, field organizer Mary Hooks of the group Southerners on New Ground told the Associated Press that she and other grassroots groups planned the protest for a nationwide week of resistance against police brutality and mass incarceration.

“The police are becoming increasingly militarized, and there’s no real, sane explanation or justification for it from political leadership at any level,” one of the protesters, Will Mason, told the Journal-Constitution. “People are getting tired of what essentially is looking more and more like fascism.”


Read more at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

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