Protesters arrive for Egypt's "March of Million" protest.

MSNBC is reporting that the largest protest since the anti-government protests began in Egypt last week is happening in Cairo. The Egyptian government has cut train service, closed roads and blocked the Internet but is "allowing" crowds to protest throughout the day. Portesters are chanting that they want President Mubarak to leave the country, although there is no consensus on who should take over once he's gone. The mood is reportedly jovial as protesters crowd the center of Cairo.

A stream of protesters arrived in Tahrir, or Liberation, Square at checkpoints guarded by protesters and the army, which promised Monday night that it would not fire on protesters. The BBC and Al Jazeera are estimating that 100,000 people have arrived. It is believed that protesters will reach their goal of 1 million marchers before the end of the day.


Even though one Al Jazeera reporter says that the event is largely peaceful and feels like an "Egyptian Woodstock," two stuffed dummies representing Mubarak were hung from traffic lights at the square. On their chests was written, "We want to put the murderous president on trial." The people have spoken. Will President Mubarak leave? If he doesn't, what will be the consequences?

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In other news: Sudanese Student Reportedly Killed While Protesting.

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