The overpass on Interstate 70 near Kansas City, Mo., where a mannequin wearing a Barack Obama mask was hung.

Police were called in on Monday to investigate a fully clothed mannequin hanging from a highway overpass a few miles outside of Kansas City, Mo., that was wearing a Barack Obama mask, Reuters reports.

Interstate 70 was closed down for a short time as a bomb squad investigated the mannequin, which hung from a bridge about 25 miles east of Kansas City, due to an unidentified object attached to it that was spotted by sheriff deputies, the news site reports. However, there were no bombs found.


The authorities were made aware of the mannequin first thing in the morning, but could not confirm how long it had been hanging from the overpass. Details of what exactly happened are not being revealed, due to the pending investigation.

“We are trying to put pieces of the puzzle together, but it's early,” Sgt. Ronda Montgomery from the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office said, according to Reuters.

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