Man Who Killed Wife's Would-Be Rapist Cleared of All Charges

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Mamadou Diallo
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On Wednesday, Mamadou Diallo, a Bronx, N.Y., man who killed his wife's would-be rapist, became a free man, the New York Daily News reports.

Diallo's wife called him when she fought off Earl Nash in their apartment. Diallo, 61, arrived shortly after to save her, armed with a tire iron, the weapon that killed Nash.


The medical examiner ruled Nash's cause of death as "cardiorespiratory complications," which came from the combined result of being bashed in the head and neck, heart disease and acute cocaine intoxication.

“I’m happy for the American justice, and it’s the best way in the world, that’s what I say,” Diallo told the press, as his wife stood by his side smiling.


According to the Daily News, after Diallo was arrested on charges of assault, Nash's family wrote a letter to the Bronx District Attorney's Office asking that Diallo be let go as a free man.

“While we cannot undo the damage that was done that evening, we hope to bring some closure not only to our family but to the Diallo family as well," read the letter. "As such, we wholeheartedly recommend … dismiss[ing] all charges against Mamadou Diallo."


Darcel Clark, the Bronx district attorney, said that the decision was made after a thorough investigation and lengthy talks with Nash's family.

Read more at the New York Daily News.

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