Some Internet videos are funny, and some are sad, provoking anger and confusion. Today's clip is definitely the latter. On Wednesday, a man was stopped at a 7-Eleven in Brooklyn, N.Y., for allegedly stealing candy, possibly a Snickers bar, and detained by the shop's workers. The three employees then proceeded to rip off his clothes as Golson screamed in protest and onlookers laugh and point, reports the Daily News

Police said David Golson, 29, was charged with robbery, assault, criminal mischief and criminal possession of stolen property.

A 7-Eleven spokeswoman said one of the employees was fired for restraining the suspect, who hails from the Bronx. The two other workers will have to retake a class regarding safety and security at the convenience store, the spokeswoman added.


While stealing is not OK, perhaps a safety class isn't enough for the workers who weren't relieved of their positions.

Read more at the Daily News.

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