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Chivalry is more than dead. I’m not sure what can be more dead than dead, but one man (who is surprisingly not from Florida, I said what I said) shows that the scumbaggery runs deep after stealing his date’s car to take another woman out.


Whew, chile, the disrespect.

Faith Pugh told 6ABC that her run-in with Fuckboi of the Century occurred on Saturday when she met Kelton Griffin for dinner in Memphis, Tenn. Griffin didn’t drive, so the pair went out in Pugh’s car.


That was when Griffin asked Pugh if she could go into a gas station to buy him a cigar (first, red flag. Girl, don’t do it.) Pugh readily agreed, but when she got out of the car, Griffin sped away in her car.

According to Fox13Memphis, the victim tried to call Griffin several times but he did not answer and like a true fuckboi, had blocked her on social media.

To add insult to injury, hours later a friend...her God sister, in fact, according to Fox13, texted Pugh saying that Griffin had just asked her out. The friend told Pugh where they were, and Pugh ended up at a drive-in theater with police, where they found the pair in Pugh’s car.

Griffin was arrested on the spot and was charged with theft of property.

Pugh, I suggest, should throw the whole man away.

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