Man Sentenced to Life Forgot He Was in Jail During Crime


Fresh from our "You big dummy" file, Alyssa Newcomb of ABC News is reporting that LaDondrell Montgomery, a man sentenced to life in prison for a conviction for armed robbery, had his sentence overturned thanks to his attorney's discovery that he was in jail at the time of the crime.

Brace yourself: Montgomery was in and out of jail so much that he actually forgot he was in jail at the time of the crime for which he was charged, convicted and sentenced to life in prison. Montgomery's father says that some in his neighborhood had vendettas against his son and testified against him. Newcomb writes:

"My son had previously been in and out of incarceration before and had trouble remembering the dates," said Larry Montgomery, LaDondrell's elderly father.


LaDondrell Montgomery insisted throughout the trial that he was not the man in the surveillance footage that was used to convict him and sentence him to life in prison. Montgomery's life sentence was thrown out after his attorney, Ronald Ray, scoured his rap sheet and realized he had been in jail at the time on a misdemeanor domestic violence charge and hadn't been released until nine hours after the crime. State District Judge Mark Kent Ellis chided Ray and Assistant Harris County District Attorney Alison Baimbridge for being "spectacularly incompetent," according to the Houston Chronicle.

We could slam the justice system, but why? Montgomery clearly doesn't value his freedom. He should be at home, thanking his lucky stars, spending time with his elderly parents and vowing to be a better man. We suspect that would be too much like right, because Montgomery is still not a free man. The felon remains in jail and faces five more robbery charges.

If you're in and out of jail so much that you cannot remember where you were enough to keep yourself out of jail for life, then you may need to think about how you're living. Montgomery was found innocent of one robbery charge, but he's still facing five other charges? That's pitiful. The only thing more pitiful is having your elderly father spend his twilight years defending your poor choices in the media instead of getting your life together.

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