Man Screaming Racial Slurs at Black Teenage Girl Arrested For Threatening to Kill Me, You, Your Mama and Your Cousins Too ...

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Screenshot: KGW8

Police arrested an Oregon man after passersby stopped him from allegedly attacking and screaming racist remarks at a 17-year-old black girl while reportedly threatening to murder her, me and presumably all the black people in the world.


Ain Avila, 21, was stopped at a red light on a Beaverton, Ore., street when he noticed a man yelling at a black teenage girl and trying to hit her. One witness said the man grabbed the girl by the neck, while another said the harasser grabbed the teen’s bookbag and dragged her into traffic.

“I was listening to my music loud, and I hear this screaming over my music,” Avila told KATU. “He was saying the n-word and racial slurs. ‘All you guys should die. If I had a switchblade on I’d kill you right now.’”

When Avila spotted the girl running from the man threatening to kill Barack Obama, Beyoncé and both Desus and Mero, he pulled into the parking lot of a nearby gas station and separated the man from the girl. The girl ran into the convenience store to wait for police while Avila and another bystander kept Mean Gene the Genocide Machine away from the teenager.

The teen said she was not injured, but police arrested Samuel Corbett, 37, for second-degree intimidation, menacing, second-degree disorderly conduct and harassment.

So far, the police have not filed attempted murder charges on Corbett after witnesses claimed he threatened to kill my aunt Marvell, Lebron James and Drake, who was reportedly too concerned about Keke’s love, if she was, in fact, riding and whether or not she would never ever leave from beside him.


But the lack of charges is understandable, considering the fact that Corbett is obviously using a fake identity. There’s no way this guy is 37-years-old. I’m pretty sure this is either the Unabomber or the reanimated corpse of Charles Manson.

After hearing about Corbett’s threats, The Root reached out to representatives for Oprah Winfrey, Maxine Waters and Jesus to check on their safety.


Oprah’s camp said she was safe, Auntie Maxine was still working on impeaching Donald Trump and Fox News contacted us to affirm that, because Jesus is white, he was never in harm’s way.



This is me. I am pushing 44 years old. I have yelled racist slurs at people exactly zero times.

The Honkus americanus oreganus depicted in his natural habitat (central booking and processing) is 7 years younger than me.

Let that be a lesson to the more spice-averse out there. Making a racist spectacle of yourself will age you more than picking up every False Grail.