RNC Chairman Michael Steele gets a little froggy after D.L. Hughley tells him that Rush Limbaugh is the Republican Party's daddy.

Man of Steele

Lost in the shuffle here is how poorly D.L. Hughley fielded Steele's response. What he said was something of a shot across the bow and, if you watch the video, it was clearly said in a way in which he did not expect the chairman to respond as quickly as he did, if at all. D.L. tried to be slick and, upon getting checked, rather than stick to his guns, he attempted a diplomatic backpedal and ended up just coming off as a comedian turned political show host that isn't up to the task of handling the job description. Poor Chuck D had to just sit there and wonder how he went from fighting the power in adjustable caps and leather Africa medallions to sitting next to D.L. Hughley while he gets mildly sonned by the chairman of the Republican National Committee. How did D.L. Hughley land this show!? We can only assume it involves compromising microfilms of the CNN head of programming. Yikes. D.L.'s lucky that was Michael Steele, because we can think of roughly 547 who would have roasted him on the spot.