Claudio E. Cabrera

In what is sure to go down as one of the dumbest moves ever by a criminal, a 17-year-old Pittsburgh teenager and his friends were arrested after he posted photos on Facebook of a robbery he committed.

Isiah Cutler, 17, and two 14-year-old friends stole more than $8,000 in cash from a local market.


"Well, I guess they're just stupid kids," Detective Valerie Milie told the Associated Press. "They thought they could put [the pictures] out there for their friends who friended them on Facebook to see. But the one kid had 200 friends, but not only were they friends, some of them were relatives who became concerned and called police."

Close to an hour after the burglary, the group put pictures of the activity on Facebook. The grandmother of one of the children alerted police after she was tipped off to the photo by a relative. Cutler is scheduled to be in court Wednesday on charges of theft, burglary and conspiracy.

When you think about this, these kinds of dumb actions by children — not to mention the crime involved — are really becoming the norm. Nowadays, on sites across the Internet, children are encouraged to upload and post compromising and incriminating photos of themselves, so why should we be surprised? Are you?

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