A Sacramento, Calif., man died in custody earlier this week after he was repeatedly struck by police. Local CBS News station CBS 13 reports that the man stopped breathing in custody and was taken to a local hospital, where he expired. The suspect's name has yet to be released by authorities.

Video … shows a suspect being restrained by a male officer's legs, while a female officer strikes him 10 times with a baton.

According a statement from Sacramento Police Department, a man in his early 40s entered the Metro PCS store and made unintelligible statements to a female employee. She called 911 fearing for her safety. The man left the store, but went back in when officers arrived and attempted to barricade himself inside by trying to secure the front door.

Officers say they forced the door open and when they tried to contact the man. … 

According to the police press release, pepper spray and multiple baton strikes were used to free an officer that was in the suspect's grasp. In addition, the release notes bystanders kicking the suspect, a security guard also using a baton on the suspect.

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