Man Dies 2 Weeks After Being Pronounced Dead


The Mississippi man who was erroneously pronounced dead two weeks ago, but began kicking inside the body bag at the funeral home, passed away on Thursday, a coroner said, Reuters reports.

"I think he's gone this time," nephew Eddie Hester told a local television station.

Walter Williams, 78, had a brush with death a mere two weeks prior, on Feb. 27, when a coroner pronounced him deceased in his Lexington home. He was in hospice care for end-stage cardiovascular disease, as well as other infirmities, Reuters notes. So it came as no surprise that he was put in a body bag and transported to the funeral home to be embalmed.


But Williams wasn't ready to go just then. He started kicking inside the body bag, much to the funeral workers' surprise. Hospital officials believe he suffered from severe low blood sugar, which, along with the medications he was taking, could had made it difficult to detect a pulse and could have put him in a sleep so deep it mimicked death, Reuters reports. 

Williams wasn't daunted by his experience, shrugging it off, telling his family that it was up to God.

"He told us, 'It's all up in the Lord's hands. Whatever the Lord says, I'm willing to do. Y'all just accept it,' " Gracie Williams, his daughter, said.

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