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Have an idea that might be lucrative but aren't sure how to get started? Amanda Miller Littlejohn at Black Enterprise discusses ways to cash in on your own strengths.

Embrace your Expertise. Chances are, you are an expert at something. That something is the thing that people most frequently ask your opinion on or most frequently thank you for. Accept that this is true, and that what you do/have/give is good enough to charge for. Don't worry about whether or not people pay.  People will always pay for something they want and something that they perceive will add value. That is the first step.

Identify Your Process to Package Your Services. Depending on the service that you provide, one reason that you are not making money off of it right now is because you don't know how to put a price tag on it. But if you are really good at helping people for example identify business partnerships or get more out of in person networking events, you can potentially create a package around that skill.


Read Amanda Miller Littlejohn's entire piece at Black Enterprise.

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