MAGA Troll Reboots Birther Conspiracy for Kamala Harris

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After starting a conspiracy theory smearing special counsel Robert Mueller as a sexual predator, a well-known Trump-loving, plagiarizing Twitter troll has gone old-school by rekindling “birtherism,” spreading it among low-IQ MAGA-culturalists and aiming it at the first black woman to throw her hat into the ring of 2020 presidential hopefuls.


One day after Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) announced that she is running for president, Jacob Wohl, the “Wolf of Wohl Street” accused of fleecing investors during his previous incarnation as a right-wing Bernie Madoff, tweeted that Harris was not eligible to become president because her parents were not born in the United States.

Although Wohl’s claims seemed like the perfect confluence of racism and xenophobia when people pointed out that Harris was born in America and spent most of her life here (aside from 10 years in Canada during her high school years), Wohl stuck to his racist guns.


Even when people pointed to Article II of the actual Constitution of the United States, which says any “natural born citizen” can serve as president, Wohl doubled down, calling it a “serious question.”


To be fair, Wohl’s history shows that he has a crippling inability to grasp fundamental concepts such as numbers and spelling. An archived version of his website allegedly boasted to his investors that he had more than 10 years of investment experience, which means he would have started investing at 8 years old, according to the Daily Beast.

Although Wohl’s claim is baseless, we know there are many worshippers of the MAGA Messiah, who don’t read anything other than Breitbart headlines and Trump tweets and who will automatically believe that Kamala Harris is one of the many negro anchor babies infesting America with their hoity-toity law degrees and uppity ability to read complex sentences.


Wohl is probably best known for his work on a hoax that allegedly attempted to pay women to accuse Robert Meuller of sexual misconduct.

Vanity fair writes:

On October 17, a number of journalists reportedly received an e-mail from “Lorraine Parsons,” alleging that she had been contacted by a man claiming to work for a firm called Surefire Intelligence, on behalf of G.O.P. operative Jack Burkman, who had offered her substantial sums of money to make false accusations about Mueller. Yet no reporters were able to verify that Lorraine is a real person. Surefire Intelligence, too, appeared to be fake. When NBC News investigated, they found the Web site was registered to Wohl’s e-mail; a phone number on the site went to a voice mail that provided another number listed as belonging to Wohl’s mother. (Wohl stopped responding to NBC after they asked why his mother’s phone number was in that voice mail.)


Wohl also promoted the conspiracy theory that the “suspicious packages” sent to Democratic lawmakers were “false flags” and that George Soros paid protesters at the March for Our Lives.

One of his biggest fans is Donald Trump, who has retweeted Wohl on at least four occasions.


Wohl still won’t admit that Harris is an American citizen, that Barack Obama was born in the United States or that Donald Trump was conceived during a menage-a-trois with Satan, Joffrey Baratheon and the great grandmother of the demon that possesses Tomi Lahren.

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Bowl Better Talk

Between this nonsense and the lefty bros calling her “too conservative” as California AG, I can tell this primary season is going to be a shitshow.