Madame Noire: 'Are You a Coloracist?'


In preparation for an article on "coloracism" and "dark-skinned" minorities in the black community, Madame Noire's Christelyn Karazin asked the question, "Are you a coloracist?" The 115 responses showed her that the color complex is alive and well. It is truly sad that in 2010 we are still talking about this issue and people are still viewing each other through the lens of skin color. Here is an excerpt from one of the responses:

I am originally from a Caribbean country but I was raised here in America; I believe that colorism is ten thousand times worse over there than in the US. At least here in the US the one drop rule forced light-skinned and mixed race blacks to identify as black, even if they looked white, like Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Many white-looking blacks like him chose not to pass as white. But no such rule exists in my country, so light-skinned people, even those with African features, consider themselves white and most of them really hate dark skinned people.

Woooooooooooow, in our best Mos Def voice. Is she speaking the "truth" or projecting her issues onto others? What do you think?


Read more at Madame Noire.

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