The lovable alien isn't so lovable.

The Internet is all abuzz with a video featuring America's favorite alien character from the 1980s: Alf. The video, which is essentially a blooper's reel, shows an Alf we never imagined. The Alf character in this video, which is now viral, makes crass comments, is a potty mouth, makes sexual advances toward his co-star and even pretends to snort cocaine. In what looks like a case of Tourette's syndrome, the "lovable" and "playful" Alf fires off the n-word (4:44 in), cuss words and sexually explicit language.

We're not sure why people are up in arms over a fake television character using the n-word, since actual people who should know better use it: Dr. Laura, any number of rappers, Michael Richards, Jennifer Lopez. We could go on, but we'll stop. We guess there needs to be another "n-word" controversy, so here it is — and just in time for the holidays. Keeping you in the loop and keeping it moving at The Root.


Read more at the New York Daily News, and check out the viral video of Alf in action below (NOT SAFE FOR WORK):