Louisiana Family Rescues Woman From Ex-Lover

Bethany Arceneaux; Scott Thomas
facebook; lafayette Police department
Bethany Arceneaux; Scott Thomas
facebook; lafayette Police department

Call it Bayou justice. A Louisiana family reportedly killed a relative’s kidnapper, who was also her ex-lover, during a daring rescue, reports show. She was trying to break free from him after reportedly enduring years of domestic abuse at his hands.

The family rescued Bethany Arceneaux, of Duson, La., and reportedly killed her kidnapper, Scott Thomas, the Daily News reports. The incident began Wednesday evening after Thomas kidnapped Arceneaux near a day care center, shoving her into his car and abandoning their 2-year-old son.

He then reportedly drove the woman to an abandoned home in an isolated area of the town, but he didn’t count on her family fighting back, the News reports. The family organized search teams and posted flyers around town. At some point Friday, they located Arceneaux when they heard her yell as they passed Thomas’ hideout, the News reports.


“About a dozen family members stormed into the home,” the News writes. “When Thomas began stabbing his ex-lover, it sparked a confrontation.”

Police are still sorting out the details, but KLFY TV reports that family members say they shot Thomas to prevent him from killing Arceneaux. They fled the scene with her and took her to Lafayette General Medical Center, where she was listed in stable condition.

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