Louis Farrakhan Condemns Possible US Strike Against Syria

Minister Louis Farrakhan, the Nation of Islam leader (YouTube screengrab)

(The Root) — Nation of Islam leader Minister Louis Farrakhan, in his weekly YouTube address, challenges the Obama administration's call for military intervention in Syria for its alleged use of chemical weapons during the country's civil war. He states pointedly that the Syrian government has nothing to gain by using chemical weapons against its citizens.

He goes on to challenge U.S. foreign policy, recounting what he calls errant and self-serving decisions in the past in Iran, Iraq and Vietnam, among other countries.

Based on America's history of false flag operations, great doubt exists as to the truth of whether the Syrian government is in fact responsible for the use of chemical weapons or is America responsible through the use of her proxies?

What would Syria have to gain by using chemical weapons to cause America to intervene militarily in her country as she is experiencing this terrible civil war? I think it is America and Europe that are tired of the civil war going on so long without definitive results in the favor of the West and Israel.


Watch the video here:

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