As the world prepares to enter into a new decade, we’d be remiss if we didn’t revel in nostalgia about some of our favorite things from the last ten years. With that idea in mind, some of The Root’s talented (and hilarious) staff decided to share their hot takes on all things black from the 2010s—and what a black decade it was!

Believe it or not, Barack Obama was our president, Patti LaBelle changed the pie game as we knew it, and Jordan Peele made us all look sideways at people who stir their spoons in teacups, all within the last decade.


Check out the video above for a walk down memory lane, filled with laughs and the blackest moments of the 2010s.

Jessica Moulite is a Video Producer for The Root. She loves telling stories people often times can't tell themselves—and Oprah. She's probably watching Black 90s reruns.

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