Locked Up Abroad: A$AP Rocky Reportedly Held in Swedish Solitary Confinement After Assault Arrest

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Screenshot: A$AP Rocky (Instagram)

Hip-hop star A$AP Rocky is reportedly being held in solitary confinement after Swedish authorities arrested him for an alleged assault that was captured on video, which according to a Swedish court and an A$AP Rocky hit song, is a fucking problem.


A Swedish prosecutor filed a request with the Stockholm district court on Thursday to keep Rakim Mayers, also known as rapper A$AP Rocky, and two associates in a Swedish jail for two weeks while investigators look into a street brawl involving the aggressively handsome rapper and members of his entourage, according to Swedish news outlet the Local. Arguing that the rapper is a “flight risk,” a Swedish district court agreed to detain Mayers for up to two weeks while officials finish their inquiry into the street fight between Rocky’s po$$e and two Swedish meatballs.

Footage of the Sunday incident posted by the braided A$AP appears to show Rocky pleading with two men who followed the emcee out of a Stockholm restaurant. A$AP and his bodyguard plead with the gentlemen to “go that way” before one of the Swedes throws his headphones and flails wildly at the much larger $ecurity officer.

“We don’t want to fight yall,” explains the pigtailed A$AP in the clip. “We don’t want to go to jail.”

“My headphones, my headphones, he fucked up my headphones,” one of the accusers exclaims, to which A$AP responds: “You hit him with it.” The rapper’s a$$ociates walk away but the two angry men follow them to the corner of what one can only assume is an Ikea.

A separate clip from TMZ shows a man who appears to be A$AP exchanging punches and tossing the belligerent man like A$AP should have done with those RG3-style braids. The A$APholes collaborate on the beatdown as starstruck onlookers gaze at the group project.


According to CBS, the Swedish prosecutor originally wanted the court to charge Mayers with gross assault but the court opted for the lesser charge of assault. Police officials told Aftonbladet that the victim suffered cuts from a broken bottle used in the incident.


A$AP had to cancel shows in Norway, Dublin, Poland, and London on his European tour. If the case isn’t concluded in two weeks, prosecutors can hold another hearing to extend the detention of A$AP and his two companions, whom I assume are named B$AP and C$AP.

“He’s in Sweeden locked up in solitary confinement with no visit or phone call privileges,” said an Instagram post by A$AP Ferg, a who collaborates with Rocky on music but not hairstyles. “They are trying to keep him there for 2 weeks and if convicted he will be looking at 6 years just for defending himself in a fight. He was no way in form [sic] the aggressor in this ordeal. Pray for justice.”


Pippi Longstocking, who is said to have inspired A$AP Rocky’s hairdo, was not available for comment.

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Why are black artists playing in Poland, of all places? The farther east you go in Europe, the cruder and more visceral the hatred of black people. Nordic countries feel the same way.

This poor bastard is lucky these mooks didn’t come at him with tire irons or knives. Or both. While screaming for him to go back to Africa.