Living the Dream = Owning a Team?

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports that Martin Luther King III hopes to become the first African-American owner of a Major League Baseball team by acquiring an ownership interest in the New York Mets.

We don't envy the challenge of having to create a life that honors Martin Luther King Jr.'s legacy, but the younger King makes a pretty convincing connection between his potential business venture and his dad's ideals, saying, "I believe in the merit and American value of creating an example … and if I personally, or as part of a collective, can advance the vision of a more diverse ownership group in professional sports, domestically or internationally, then, like my father, I am prepared to act in that spirit."


It's hard — maybe impossible — to translate the spirit of the civil rights movement to today's very different racial climate, but we think it's safe to say the elder Martin would be proud.

Read the full story in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

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