Jennifer Hudson (Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Here comes the bank, there goes the neighborhood: A report on lender discrimination in the treatment of foreclosed homes finds that banks take greater care to maintain and secure properties in white neighborhoods than they do in predominantly black areas.


Video: Jaleel White on The View: America's favorite black nerd explains how he avoided typical celebrity trouble after his Steve Urkel days. As you might expect from the Family Matters star, it had everything to do with solid parenting.


What you can learn from Barry Bonds' conviction (besides refraining from steroid use): According to Black Enterprise, some of the lessons from Bonds' downfall translate from the baseball field to the boardroom. You might not be a professional athlete, but you can avoid a professional disaster like his. For starters: "Just say no" to illicit behavior in the workplace, "take strategic risks, not stupid chances," and "be mindful in social situations."


J-Hud + new body + BeyoncĂ© comment = Twitter drama: "I love my new figure. All the fabulous clothes I can wear and get sent, I joke that I'm like a walking billboard now. But I won't be taking my clothes off — no way at all. BeyoncĂ© and Rihanna can have that. I like to cover up more. I won't do Playboy. Playboy can call, and wait. That's just not me," Jennifer Hudson said in a recent interview. That didn't sit well with one BeyoncĂ© fan, who launched a Twitter attack on the newly slim star. Bossip reports that Hudson took the high road and held her own in the social networking showdown.


In other news: Black Civil Rights and Gay Marriage: New Film Explores Link.

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