Limbaugh's Plea for Failure


Rush Limbaugh, the Republican's darling, is no stranger to straight-from-the-gut politcal commentary.  It's what's in his gut that demands examination.  And his latest rantings about Obama's stimulus package as well as the Civil Rights-trained dummies who support him… well, they rank high on his diseased gut crazy.  Unlike many, I certainly don't believe Limbaugh was suggesting Obama's presidency to fail.  But he was trying to throw his evil Republican warlock dust on Obama's stimilus package which purports to save American-kind from complete economic collapse.  Why the Republican mojo?  Because the bill might suggest the fall of the Private Sector kingdom and your highness, Limbaugh, might experience an economic beheading like the rest of them.  Long live the Money Grubbers!  In fact, the House just passed Obama's stimulus bill so Limbaugh might be in trouble.  But what unnerves me a little is Limbaugh's suggestion that Obama's supporters suffer from Civil Rights delusion.  That his supporters can't see the clear Democratic conspiracy because they've been blinded by the social atrocities of pre-1960 America and the intense struggle it required to force this dear country to be inclusive, at least on paper.  Limbaugh mocks that.  Limbaugh believes the Civil Rights cronies have brainwashed this new generation into holding up Obama on a do-no-wrong black-is-good pedestal.  Do you want to know what I think?  I think Limbaugh should get with the program or get obliterated by the economic astroid.  Or at least someone check his gut for possible outdated-stupidity overload.

Keith Josef Adkins is an award-winning playwright, screenwriter and social commentator.

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