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Rush Limbaugh really outdid himself in a recent comments about the situation in Egypt.

Not surprising: He calls the president a name that implies he's a cultural outsider, finds a way to connect criticism him to every piece of breaking news, and contributes in the least productive way possible to the public dialogue on the Egyptian revolution.


Almost impressive: His ability to do all these in a single, sputtering segment of his show.

Listen here.

We're still unclear on the significance of the "quasi-mustache" comment (Wait, is this popular facial-hair choice of African-American men more evidence that Obama belongs in the Middle East and isn't a U.S. citizen? Quick, check his birth certificate. Again.)

We'd like to suggest that Limbaugh pay more attention to legitimate news coverage of the devastation in Egypt and less to coming up with ridiculous nicknames for the president and monitoring his grooming. Just an idea.

Read more and listen to the interview at the Huffington Post.

 In other news: #BlackParentsQuotes Trends on Twitter.

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