I'm Not Lovin' It: Four people were injured during a McDonald's "Hiring Day" in Cleveland after a manager tried to break up a fight. During the brawl, a woman and her friend got into a car and reversed, running over the manager, owner and two others.  


White Mother, Black Hair: These days it seems that more and more white women are choosing to adopt black children. While there's nothing wrong with the idea, it does make some — black women specifically — wonder what's going to happen to their hair. Read what one writer has to say about the issue. 


Mailman Caught in the Act: A mail carrier was found delivering more than packages to a man's house. Don Derfler caught his mailman defecating on his neighbor's lawn and decided to get it on tape. The U.S. Postal Service has apologized, and suspended the postal worker without pay. 


Afrika Owes Released on Bond: The Harlem teen — who was arrested on weapons-possession charges — was released on Tuesday after her church posted a $25,000 cash bond. Owes wept as church members met her with open arms and prayers. 


In other news: Is Twitter Bad for Your Relationship?

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