Lifesavers Get Some Love: Pronovias Offers Free Bridal Gowns to Hospital Personnel

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In the midst of what has become a global health crisis, it’s understandable that many highly-anticipated events are no longer priorities as we attempt to “flatten the curve”—including festivals, graduations, vacations, and yes, even weddings. If the postponement or planning of a life-changing event like one’s wedding during a life-threatening pandemic is understandably devastating to your average citizen, one can only imagine how those working on the frontlines have been affected—including doctors, nurses, and other hospital personnel.


Barcelona-based bridalwear brand Pronovias believes those doing the most to treat and contain COVID-19 deserve not only recognition but to be celebrated as the heroes they are. Last week, artistic director Alessandra Rinaudo announced the “Heroes” collection, a curated assortment of gowns the label will be donating to engaged brides who also happen to be hospital workers.

”It is an honor to show my support and raise awareness for all of these women doing their best to overcome this pandemic. Love will conquer all,” said Rinaudo in a statement about the initiative (h/t Women’s Wear Daily).

Using the hashtag #LoveConquersAll, the brand is promising to make their Heroes collection available exclusively in Pronovias flagships (in Barcelona, Madrid, Sevilla, Rome, Milan, Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Lisbon, London, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Houston and Mexico cities, as well as all Nicole stores in Italy) pending their reopenings following the current lockdown. In the interim, brides-to-be can get more information on the Pronovias website—and as British Vogue reports, the gifted gowns aren’t just intended for medical personnel:

Pronovias first launched its #LoveConquersAll initiative in China at the beginning of the year, when the earliest cases of coronavirus put a strain on the healthcare system in Wuhan and beyond. Now, it’s extended the charitable program to include all engaged staffers working in hospitals in the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, France, Portugal, Mexico and the United States. All medical employees and those working in cafeteria and janitorial positions are eligible to receive their dream gown from the collection, available in flagship Pronovias stores until 31 August.

“Donating our wedding dresses to wonderful women is the least we can to bring happiness and joy to their wedding day, making them look and feel their best,” Amandine Ohayon, CEO of Pronovias, said in a statement.

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