Let the Probing Begin: Mueller Is All Up in Trump’s Russian Business Now

Special counsel Robert Mueller
Special counsel Robert Mueller
Photo: Alex Wong (Getty Images)

Shit just got real, ladies and gentlemen. We have been waiting to see where Robert Mueller’s probe was going to go as far as Donald Trump was concerned, and now we know. The special counsel is now looking into Trump’s business activities prior to his candidacy for the U.S. presidency.


CNN reports that Mueller’s investigators have been questioning witnesses about the timing of Trump’s bid for the presidency, what compromising information the Russians may have on him and why a deal to brand a Trump Tower in Moscow fell through.

Is or was Trump the Manchurian candidate? It appears that is what Mueller and his team want to know.

Sources have told CNN that it is unclear whether Mueller has concrete evidence that Trump engaged in any wrongdoing, but the special counsel is leaving no stone unturned.

Investigators are reportedly particularly interested in when Trump actually decided to run for president. They are also looking into allegations presented in a controversial dossier and whether the Russians have information that matches that included in the dossier—information they may be holding over the president’s head.

There are also questions related to the 2013 Miss Universe pageant, which was held in Moscow. Investigators want to know about the financing for that pageant and who paid for what. They are also asking questions about the hotel room Trump stayed in at that time, including who was in the room, who had access to it, who was in charge of security and who was with Trump as he traveled around during the trip.

Basically, the investigation is all up in your president’s grill, so what is he going to do now?


Taking bets, speculations, rumor and conjecture in the comments. Let’s go.

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Also some more background on the Keystone Crime Family and their HenchThugs, because these people are RIDICULOUS:






And y’all will want to see this - this Panama City Trump Tower that the Crime Family doesn’t own, but has been paid to “run” ... all the Trump Org employees are being forcibly ejected and this might well be the site through which the Russians are laundering that reputed half-billion that Trump allegedly owes the Russian oligarch mafia ... David Fahrenthold, who broke the first stories about that mess the Trump “Foundation” was and won a Pulitzer, is doing the reporting