Lessons Mom Can Teach About Money

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Tiffany Aliche, writing at the Huffington Post, highlights everyday parenting messages that can be translated into financial advice.

Lesson 1) Clean-Up Your Mess: 

[Whose] mother hasn't chastised them about cleaning up their room? Many of us with cluttered rooms as kids, are now money-messy adults. We have no budget, no system for saving or paying down debt, and no plan for our credit. Most of us are just winging it, well … not me (kidding, kinda). Just like a messy room leads to less productivity, so does a chaotic financial life.

The Solution:

Begin cleaning up by creating a financial file system. Stop groaning … It's pretty easy. Financial guru, David Bach, details how to do so in his bestseller, the "Finish Rich Workbook". I used David's system in my mid-twenties and still use it now that I'm a super, young-looking 30-something.

Lesson 2) A Place for Everything and Everything in its Place:

Candi Sparks, CEO of Sparks Fly, mother of two, financial literacy consultant, trainer and author of the kid, money, book series, "Can I Have Some Money?", got this lesson from her shero, her own mom.

She says, "this lesson reminds me that we create our own financial atmosphere by putting money where it belongs, or in other words, allocating assets. These days, most people live in a financial atmos-fear, but that doesn't have to be the case. We can take control of our money by putting it in its proper place."

Read Tiffany Aliche's entire piece at the Huffington Post.

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