Lenny Kravitz Surprising Baby Boy Drummer Is the Cutest Thing You'll Watch All Day

Justin Wilson II aka #BabyBoyDrummer
Justin Wilson II aka #BabyBoyDrummer
Screenshot: The Ellen Show (EllenTube)

As we live in the era of Impeachable Imps in Office, sometimes we just want some good-natured fun. Escapism has never been more necessary as it has under the reign of Tangerine Tyrant, so we’re here to give you a smile.


While The Root may be known for its snark on controversial topics, we also want you to laugh. We’re certainly not above being afflicted with a case of “the cutes.”

Cue Lenny Kravitz.

You’re not going to want to get away or fly away from this peak adorableness. Have a seat.

That little boy who just made your face crumble with “awwwww?” That’s Justin Wilson II, who first appeared on The Ellen Show earlier this year as the tiny talented drummer he is.

Four-Year-Old Drummer Justin Wilson II Performs a Lenny Kravitz Classic / The Ellen Show (YouTube)

At four years old, Wilson wowed host Ellen DeGeneres and the audience when he confirmed that he started playing the drums at 18 months, “a lonnnnng time ago!” As a huge Kravitz fan, he played his super catchy 1998 hit song, “Fly Away.”

Cut to today, where Ellen had (a now 5-year-old) Wilson back on the show, but this time, for a very special reason. Let’s break down the levels of cuteness, shall we?

1. I love how Justin kept playing throughout the sheer shock of seeing his idol. A true performer!


2. When Lenny admitted he was a big fan of Justin, Justin replied with, “Yeah!” It reminded me of the iconic Beyoncé moment when she thanked Whoopi Goldberg after Whoopi simply acknowledged she was Beyoncé.

Beyoncé ‘Thank You’ Meme

3. Even Justin coughing in Lenny’s face was adorable, because of that wee “excuse me!” at the end.

4. The combination of Justin’s shocked face and his tiny voice yelling, “Lenny! Lenny! It’s so good to see you!” will carry you through the week. It will remind you that everything’s going to be okay.


You can watch the full video (where Ellen surprises Justin with something that arguably tops the Lenny surprise) on EllenTube.com.

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I know I’m in a weird place today because I just broke down into tears after watching that.

I LOVE that he played through the surprise like a BOSS!