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Vermont becomes the forth state to legalize gay marriage, and I'm oK with that, to the extent that it matters to me at all. Everyone should feel free to live and love outloud, and if having a binding contract with the state makes your love come alive, I say "go for it."


Quiet it's kept, but the people I've known who have been married the longest are gay, and in Ohio, not enjoying legalized marriage. I think what gays and lesbians will find out when all states eventually legalize gay marriage — and they will — is that it isn't all it's cracked up to be. That said, in the UK, the gay divorce rate is less than 1 percent, but in Beans, gay couples were racing to divorce court. Make of that what you will.

Gay marriage hasn't been legal anywhere long enough to get decent numbers about the divorce rate, but I think my LGBTs got the best hustle going with the shack-up. But then, in matters both medical and other, partners don't have spousal rights. And that's wrong. What to do?


Blacks weren't allowed to marry for the longest time — should we, as some would say, be more active in supporting rights for others? My vote on this particular issue is "not neccesarily," but what do you think?

How do you feel about legalizing gay marriage?

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