LeBron James Wears T-Shirt and Helps a Small Business’s Sales Skyrocket

Stephen A. Crockett Jr.
LeBron James wearing the “Cleveland or Nowhere” T-shirt

It was only the biggest game in baseball history; the cursed Chicago Cubs were playing the Cleveland Indians in a World Series Game 7, and LeBron James was making a small clothing company famous. The camera panned to show King James and his wife, Savannah, in the stands, cheering for Cleveland and wearing shirts that read, "Cleveland or Nowhere."

"We had no idea," Quincy Moore, founder of Knowlita, the company that made the shirt, told TMZ Sports. "My phone started blowing up in the first inning. We weren't ready for something like this to happen, so we reacted as quickly as we could."


At the time, the shirts were available only at Saks Fifth Avenue, so Moore hurried to get some up on his website. He told TMZ Sports that an hour after LeBron was flashed wearing the shirt, his site had over 5,000 hits and he had sold hundreds of shirts.

Because King James wore his shirt, Moore told the sports site, he's currently looking to hire more employees.

LBJ with the job-stimulus influence.

Read more at TMZ Sports.

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