LeBron James, Isiah Thomas Among NBA Greats With Plenty to Say About the Presidential Election

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Photo: Ethan Miller (Getty Images)

Prior to the presidential election, NBA players were extremely vocal in stressing the importance of American citizens exercising their right to vote. But of all the players in the league, there’s probably no one who’s been more committed to that goal than Lakers superstar LeBron James.


Not only did he launch More Than a Vote in June, a nonprofit organization that combats voter suppression and fights to preserve the voting rights of Black folks in America, but he was instrumental in eliminating $27 million in court fees so that felons in Florida would be eligible to vote in the presidential election.

So if there’s anybody who’s gonna have plenty to say about how the presidential election is going, as we wait for Joe Biden to be named the 46th president of the United States, it’s King James. And if you’ve been following him on Twitter, he hasn’t disappointed.

On Election Day, he called out voter suppression efforts in New York City:

And as the battleground states of Georgia and Pennsylvania have apparently come to their senses and turned blue, the four-time NBA champ has joined the rest of us in dancing on Trump’s bright orange corpse.


“Let’s go!!!!!” he tweeted on Friday. “Black voters came through...again. Be proud as hell but do not stop! We must stay organized and keep working. We just tipping off. I promise you I’m here for y’all throughout!”


Out in Georgia, much has been said about the Herculean efforts that Stacey Abrams oversaw in order to register roughly 800,000 voters in time for the presidential election (feel free to make her the new head of the DNC, Mr. Biden; so she can do the same thing across the rest of the country), and NBA great Isiah Thomas is one of countless social media users who’ve made it a point to give Queen Abrams her flowers while she can still smell them.

“Thank you @staceyabrams for educating and inspiring all to participate and vote!” he tweeted on Friday.


Once Biden’s victory becomes official—knock on wood—expect NBA Twitter to deliver plenty of memorable tweets and memes until Trump is officially booted out the front door on January 20.