Pantaleo had 18 allegations of some sort of abuse or misconduct in 14 separate incidents before his encounter with Garner, yet he was given a gun and a badge and shoved onto the streets of New York City to “protect and serve” every day. In a force as big as the NYPD, it might be difficult to monitor the files of every cop in every precinct, but these documents reveal that an officer with a documented history of abusive behavior who repeatedly acted above and outside the law went unpunished or unchecked for years.

There is probably someone in the maze of hierarchy inside the NYPD who read the 10th complaint against Daniel Pantaleo and decided to send him back on patrol. When that same person read the 11th accusation of abuse against Pantaleo, that person still let him work as a police officer. Obviously the 12th was no problem, and neither was the 13th or 14th. After the NYPD sent an officer back on the streets who had been charged with abuse 14 times, when it heard that Pantaleo had killed a man, the department’s only reasonable response must have been:

“Seems about right.”