Lawyer Michael Avenatti Confirms Existence of Third R. Kelly Tape with Underage Girl

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When he’s not preoccupied with being a thorn in Donald Trump’s side, celebrity lawyer Michael Avenatti occupies his time by attempting to bring embattled crooner R. Kelly to justice.


On Saturday, he took to Twitter to confirm the existence of a third tape featuring the “I Believe I Can Fly” singer sexually abusing an underage girl.

“Update: We have become aware of the existence of a third tape, that allegedly shows further acts of sexual abuse of an underage girl by R Kelly, which we are presently working to recover and turnover to law enforcement,” Avenatti tweeted.

This revelation follows the news of a second tape being surfacing last week—of which CNN viewed prior to turning it in to the police.

Of particular note, Avenatti is so committed to bringing Kelly to justice that according to Newsweek, he’s working on the case pro bono.


“Due to the importance of ensuring justice is finally done in this matter and because we are deeply concerned that Mr. Kelly has not been held accountable for his sexual abuse of young African-American girls, whom are especially vulnerable, we have done so on a pro bono basis,” his statement said. “Importantly, it has now resulted in the discovery of significant new evidence conclusively establishing Mr. Kelly’s illegal sexual assault of young girls.”

Following his statement, he reiterated his stance, tweeting, “We will continue to work tirelessly to ensure that this predator is brought to justice. As a father of two teenage girls myself, I have the utmost faith and confidence in [Chicago’s Cook County State Attorney] Ms. Foxx and her staff to ensure justice is done.”

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