Lawyer Michael Avenatti Claims 3 More Women Were Paid to Keep Quiet About Donald Trump: Report

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Michael Avenatti, the attorney for Stormy Daniels—you know, the porn star who claims to have spanked the president’s bare, unseasoned ass with a rolled Forbes magazine—dropped a bombshell during a panel Thursday evening.

During the panel, Avenatti stood up to note that he was in the process of getting clearance from three women who were reportedly paid by Donald Trump, AMI and Michael Cohen to keep quiet, ABC 7 reports. While Avenatti didn’t state exactly why the women were paid to keep quiet, he did note that one of the women was pregnant at the time, to which the audience gasped.

After raising to national prominence for representing Daniels, Avenatti has become the go-to lawyer for women who were allegedly involved in romantic relationships with Donald Trump. He’s used his presence on Twitter to issue claims that Daniels was not the only woman he’s spoken with who claimed that she had an affair with Trump.


While Trump denies that he’s ever had relations with Daniels, we know two things to be true: Trump is a notorious liar, and weeks before his election, Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen, paid some $130,000 to Daniels in exchange for her silence.

Here’s to hoping that Avenatti, who may be interested in running for president, continues to bring down the White House. And who knows, if he’s successful he just might earn my vote.

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I’d think 45 paying for an abortion might turn some of those single-issue voters against him. (I mean, I am certain he has paid for abortions given that he fucks around a lot and doesn’t seem to use condoms - that’s a matter of probability. Eventually your number is going to come up.)

LORD, we in for some rage tweeting today.