Oscar Grant, at center of paramedic's lawsuit (Google)

ColorLines is reporting that Sean Gillis, an employee of the Oakland Fire Department in California, has filed a lawsuit claiming that medics provided inadequate treatment to Oscar Grant after he was shot by a police officer in 2009. Gillis, who has long been embroiled in a dispute with the OFD, accuses his superiors of racism, sexism and cronyism in the 150-page suit filed last Friday at Alameda County Superior Court.

Gillis alleges that paramedics mistreated Grant after he was shot by ex-BART officer Johannes Mehserle in the back while lying facedown on a train platform. He says that after he attempted to launch an investigation into the incident, he and another doctor were retaliated against. Gillis alleges that he was demoted and harassed. 


Who thought the Grant murder case could get any worse? A young man is shot in the back while lying facedown on a train platform, the officer who is charged and convicted spends two years in prison for the murder and now Gillis is alleging that Grant's medical attention was faulty. Seriously?

Read more at ColorLines.

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