LaVar Ball Took His Shirt Off During WWE’s Monday Night Raw and We Can’t Unsee This

Mike Stobe/Getty Images
Mike Stobe/Getty Images

LaVar Ball’s 15 minutes ended right around the time he took his shirt off. The father of three extremely talented basketball players, including the newly drafted Los Angeles Lakers guard Lonzo Ball, recently made a guest appearance on WWE’s Monday Night Raw.


The eldest Ball has molded himself from overly concerned father into a businessman and, in the process, has become a loudmouth villain, which actually seems perfect for the WWE—except that he took his shirt off. And that’s when LaVar Ball’s shooting star to infamy came crashing back down to earth.

With sons Lonzo and LeMelo looking on, LaVar Ball got into a weird conversation with former Real World house guest-turned-WWE Intercontinental star the Miz. At one point, Ball tells his son LeMelo to handle this “lightweight” (referring to the Miz), to which the Miz replies, “Are you going to unleash all the Balls on me?”


LaVar Ball then walks over to the ropes and starts hopping up and down. But the Miz doesn’t want to deal with the Balls—oh no; he wants the Mouth!


“You do a lot of talking. I want you to prove it,” the Miz says. 

“Boy, you better stay in your lane,” Ball responds. This catchphrase of Ball’s can also be found on a Big Baller Brand T-shirt, because of course it would be.

“Or what, LaVar?” the Miz asks.

“Or the hunt is on and you the prey!”


The Miz takes off his shirt to show a professional wrestling body, and then LaVar takes off his shirt to show what the body of a dad who has three semiadult sons looks like. It wasn’t pretty. Even the announcers started shouting, “No, no, no.”

The crowd, however, ate it up, and if it’s one thing that LaVar is good at, it’s making people hate him. It’s kind of a vaudevillian talent of his. He famously got booed at this year’s draft, and he seems to be having a ball.


I guess as long as his sons don’t care, who are we to judge, but something tells me that the LaVar train jumped the track once he revealed his dad bod to America. We can deal with the loudmouth antics and boisterous claims, but I don’t know if we can deal with hairless dad body ... ever.

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E=MC Hammered

Real talk: he’s like 20 years older than me and looks way better with his shirt off!

Also real: I typically keep my shirt on when I’m on television.