Lady Gaga Boots Oprah From Forbes' 'Most Powerful' Top Spot

Lady Gaga boots Lady O from Forbes' 'Most Powerful' top spot. (Google)
Lady Gaga boots Lady O from Forbes' 'Most Powerful' top spot. (Google)

ColorLines' Thoai Liu is reporting that media titan Oprah Winfrey has been booted from the top spot on Forbes magazine's 100 Most Powerful Celebrities list this year by Lady Gaga, according to the Hollywood Reporter.


Liu writes, "The talk show host who has topped the list four times before certainly did not lose to Gaga in terms of earnings. Winfrey earned $290 million last year while Gaga earned $90 million, but Forbes determined its Celebrity 100 list by assessing five categories. While Gaga was first in 'social' and 'web,' second in 'press', third in 'TV/radio' and eighth in 'money,' Winfrey was top in money and TV/radio."

That's no surprise there. Gaga is working her youth and new media to the nines. Winfrey has been focused on the final season of her iconic talk show, selling out advertising through more traditional means. Lady O can't rule everything, including a Forbes "Most Powerful" list. Lady Gaga is giving Lady O some much needed competition; and yet we're sure Winfrey will rise to the occasion.

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