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Matt Barnes of the Los Angeles Clippers during Game 7 of the Western Conference Quarterfinals against the Golden State Warriors during the NBA Playoffs at the Staples Center May 3, 2014, in Los Angeles
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On Tuesday night, Los Angeles Clippers player Matt Barnes took his fight to find his aunt's killer to social media.

Barnes posted a photo of his aunt's husband to his Instagram account with this caption: "This dude stabbed my auntie in the neck last week & left her for dead on the sidewalk, she ended up dying on the way to the hospital in the ambulance. If you hv any info on his where abouts contact the #SacPD # SacramentoWeNeedYourHelp #RIPTang."


Police believe that Michael Willams stabbed Barnes' aunt Tanganyika Hoover to death last week in Sacramento, Calif., according to CBS News 2. Williams is still on the loose, and police believe he is still in the Sacramento area.

"It hurts to know that I buried my mom Friday," Barnes' cousin David Williams Jr. told the news station. "And this guy is still running around, living his life like nothing happened."

Read more at CBS News 2.

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