In an ideal society food, shelter and education would be top priorities.  Not privileges or fringe benefits, but basic human rights. However, it's not an ideal society so Governor Schwarzenegger and the L.A. Unified Schools want to layoff thousands of teachers in order to save the state from an economic landslide.  9 Los Angeles teachers and 2 activists begin a hunger strike today in an effort to change the school district's position on layoffs and to change the way the state feels about the significance of education.  Less teachers and more students to a classroom is not the way to go.

The hunger strike will last until the layoffs happen or L.A. Unified Schools implement a new budget.  Last week hundreds of L.A. students protested the potential layoffs by rallying at L.A. Unified's headquarters. Some even threatened not to take their state exams which [unfortunately] determine their educational and/or socio-economic future.  As a former educator in the Oakland California Public Schools I appreciate the passion behind the hunger strike, but I'm not sure if starving oneself will change the state's budget, or more importantly, help the students. But then again…

What are your thoughts?

Keith Josef Adkins is an award-winning playwright, screenwriter and social commentator.