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L.A. County jails: beatings and coverups: A new report released by the Los Angeles County's Office of Independent Review found that the sheriff's officials have disciplined more than 30 jail employees for beating inmates or engaging in cover-ups over the past two years, ColorLines reports.


100-year-old man finishes Toronto marathon: Fauja Singh, 100, finished Toronto's waterfront marathon Sunday evening, securing his place in the Guinness World Records as the oldest person — and the first centenarian — ever to accomplish a run of that distance, CBC News reports.

Maryland redistricting's losers — minorities: A number of African-American leaders in Maryland are justifiably concerned about the congressional map proposed by the Governor's Redistricting Advisory Commission. As drawn, Maryland would continue to have only two majority-minority districts — the 4th and 7th — and each of those is likely to include fewer minorities than they do now.


Disabled adults found in basement: The Associated Press reports that it could be part of a vast scheme — stretching from Philadelphia to Norfolk, Va., and West Palm Beach, Fla. — to steal the Social Security disability checks of defenseless and vulnerable people.

In other news: A Mormon and a Black Man Lead GOP Pack.

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