Kyrie Irving, Who Is Very Good At Playing Basketball, Drops Double Nickel On Damian Lillard

Jason Miller/Getty Images
Jason Miller/Getty Images

Kyrie Irving is very good at playing basketball. Here are the results from the last seven professional basketball games Kyrie Irving — who is very good at playing basketball — played, and how the point guards matched up against him fared.


(Each game, btw, was a Cavs victory)

1/16/15 vs the LA Clippers and Chris Paul, generally regarded as the best point guard in the league for the last decade or so.

Irving: 37 points (on 12-18 shooting), 5 assists

Paul: 15 points (on 4-15 shooting), 14 assists

1/19/15 vs the Chicago Bulls and Derrick Rose, 2011 MVP

Irving: 18 points, 12 assists

Rose: 18 points (on 5-14 shooting), 2 assists

1/21/15 vs the Utah Jazz and Trey Burke, who, well, always has nice haircuts

Irving: 18 points (on 8-13 shooting), 4 assists

Burke: 2 points (on 1-10 shooting), 2 assists

1/23/15 vs the Charlotte Hornets and the very talented and tough Kemba Walker

Irving: 18 points (on 7-12 shooting), 2 assists (Numbers are low because the Cavs won by 39 and he didn't play his usual minutes)

Walker: 8 points (on 3-14 shooting), 4 assists

1/25/15 vs the Oklahoma City Thunder and Russell Westbrook, who is a force of fucking nature


Irving: 21 points (on 9-21 shooting), 6 assists

Westbrook: 22 points (on 7-26 shooting), 11 assists

1/27/15 vs the Detroit Pistons and DJ Augustin, who's like a big-ass light-skinned gnat with a nice crossover and tattoo sleeves


Irving: 38 points (on 13-23 shooting), 6 assists

Augustin: 19 points, 9 assists

1/28/15 vs the Portland Trail Blazers and Damian Lillard, who is also very good at playing basketball (and almost has a very awesome first name)


Irving: 55 points. (Yes. 55 motherfucking points.)

Lillard: 14 points (on 4-19 shooting)

Kyrie Irving is very good at playing basketball.



Um, you do realize that adultery is a sin right? ;-)

Two, that JR Smith trade for pocket lint is somehow looking good for both ends. JR gets to do his Ciroc thing in boring-a$$ Cleveland, which has calmed him down. Meanwhile, somehow, the Knicks have won 4 out of 5. Maybe JR hated the triangle so much that he sabotaged the team. Odd.