K'Naan Talks Life, Music in Minidoc

via Rolling Stone

(The Root) — Somali-Canadian rapper K'Naan recounts his voyage from a modest childhood in Mogadishu, Somalia, to the top of Canadian rap stardom in a new minidocumentary, which complements the release of his sixth studio album, Country, God or the Girl, which came out on Thursday.

K'Naan returns to Somalia for the first time since he and his family left for North America 20 years ago. Rekindling a love for his native country, the rapper discusses how the nation has helped to influence his music. Rapper Nas also had an influential part in K'Naan's childhood and career, helping the rapper learn English verse by verse and rhyme by rhyme.


The MC also discusses his most popular hit, "Wavin' Flags," and how a studio collaboration with pop star Bruno Mars revived the shelved song, which became a promotional anthem for the 2012 FIFA World Cup.

Watch the seven-minute minidocumentary at Rolling Stone, and find K'Naan's Country, God or the Girl online and in stores now.

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