Okay, the racist lunacy at University of California San Diego is getting way beyond ridiculous now. Someone placed a KKK-style hood atop a statue of Dr. Seuss at the university on March 1, launching an all-out forensics investigation.

The statue that stands outside of the Geisel library was found with a white pillowcase "crudely fashioned into a KKK-style hood with a hand drawn symbol" draped over it, according to a statement issued by the University. A rose was also inserted into the statue's finger. The discovery was made at around 11 pm Monday night and UCSD police are conducting an investigation.

The statement says that the items found on the statue will be processed for evidence including DNA and fingerprints, to find who is responsible. It also quotes UCSD Chancellor Marye Anne Fox who says "we will not allow this incident, or any other incident, to deter the progress we are making to change and heal our university community."


SOURCE: San Diego Entertainer Magazine

This is the latest incident in a saga that began two weeks ago when a group of knuckleheads had an off-campus party mocking Black History Month called a "Compton Cookout." Other events, such as a broadcast by a student-run TV station attacking black students and a noose-hanging, sparked protests and a brief takeover of the chancellor's office by outraged students. Only two percent of UCSD students are black.