KKK Continues to Harass Confederate Monument Protesters in North Carolina

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A woman who advocated for the removal of a Confederate monument from a North Carolina courthouse has been continually harassed by the KKK for doing so.


According to WCCB, Genesis Houpe found a Confederate flag hung outside her home last weekend. The flag comes only a few weeks after Houpe found a KKK flyer outside her home. Houpe was among the many protesters in Statesville, N.C., who advocated for a Confederate monument to be removed from outside the Iredell County Courthouse. Last month, the Iredell County Board of Commissioners voted not to remove the monument, further proving that white people love celebrating traitors despite claiming how patriotic they are.

Even though the KKK ostensibly has gotten their way, that hasn’t stopped them from being the insufferable, hateful assholes they consistently prove themselves to be. Houpe told WCCB that she’s contacted the police twice, and wants them to find and arrest the people who have been harassing her.

“I do feel targeted. When you live in an area as densely populated as mine, it’s hard to pick out one apartment if you don’t know who you’re looking for,” Houpe told WCCB. “I’m literally in the process of starting a GoFundMe to see if I can get people to at least help me because I have to relocate.”

Interestingly, WCCB reported that someone claiming to be the grand dragon of the KKK emailed the news outlet and told them they were not responsible for hanging the flag. Alright guys, pack it up, you heard them. The KKK is down with burning crosses, lynching, white nationalism, but harassing someone with a Confederate flag is where they draw the line. You can’t be a punk bitch and then try and be like “Well, we’re not that much of a punk bitch.”


If you somehow needed any further confirmation that the KKK is nothing but an organization of violent snowflakes, here you go.

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Archaeyopterix Majorus

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Then there’s the whole 13yo outcast loser look of having a club that ISN’T playing group D&D saying, “Yes, grand dragon!”

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